Friday, June 29, 2007


I started another one for some reason

Yeah, I still haven't even finished one guitar yet, and I'm starting another. I'm actually shooting for having this done by the beginning of August. There are several reasons/excuses.

First of all, I got a back and side set of Granadillo for a very very good price from Hibdon Hardwood with the understanding that I would build with it soon and post pictures on a guitar making forum. It really is nice stuff to work with so far, and attractive to the eye.

B. I'm in this guitar building contest at that ends at the beginning of August, and to be eligible for any prizes at all, I need to complete the instrument.

III. I'm attending a family reunion in August and it'd be nice to be able to bring a guitar I made.

This one is based on a Martin 00 12-fret. I'm going for a minimalist look on this one, partly for time reasons and I also just like the aesthetics of the idea. I think it'll have a cedar top, but the last pictures show some sort of staining or discoloration, so I may have to use a spruce set from my stash if that doesn't sand out.

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