Saturday, August 04, 2007


Vacation Day 5

I didn't quite spend as much time in the shop yesterday, it was time for some much needed relaxing with my wife.

I leveled the frets. I marked the top of each fret with a Sharpie, then lightly sanded with sandpaper on a straightedge. When all the marks are gone, the frets should be level. It leveled up quickly and evenly.

I did have a few stubborn frets on the upper part of the board, the ends weren't staying down. I made a makeshift fret press and used superglue to hold down those frets.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Vacation Day 4

French polishing supplies...

A couple French polish sessions on the top just to seal it so it won't get stained by pore filler.

Pore filler on the back and sides, looks like a mess now but when I sand it back the wood will be nice and smooth.

The heel cap glued on, same wood as back and sides.

I tapped in some frets and started filing the excess off the sides.

My custom made fret-bender.


Vacation Day 3

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Vacation Day 2

Here are some highlights from yesterday.

The fingerboard is only attached with double stick tape at this point, to give me a guide to cut out the rough shape of the neck.

I roughed out the shape a bit, now it's starting to look like a guitar neck.

Now I have to make ramps into the slot so the strings have clearance to get to the tuners.

Working on getting the neck fit properly to the body, which involves a lot of attaching and detaching the neck as I make adjustments.

I sand to make a flat surface so the fingerboard can lay flat and true.

And at 1:30am last night I glued on the fingerboard to the neck with epoxy and called it a night.

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