Friday, December 24, 2004


More Christmas Eve fun

Two posts in one day, this is crazy.

So after I got the cocobolo back joined, I decided to start on the neck. I had started the neck joint last year in November, before I even took the class. That's November 2003, I'm sorta slow.

I cut the joint by hand with a Japanese handsaw. I didn't have a tremendous amount of experience when I made the 15deg cut through the neck blank, so the cut wandered quite a bit. This is obvious in the photo, though at this point I had already started planing it flat with my smoother plane.

When I drew the initial line to make the cut, I hadn't planned on cutting so badly, so I did not leave near enough room on the headstock end. There is enough room for the headstock now, but just barely. So in this picture you can see where I've clamped the headstock to the neck blank so I can plane the whole surface smooth. They have to be at exactly the right angle so that the surfaces line up correctly in the next photo.

Fast-forward 13 months to today and now I've drilled alignment holes with toothpicks as the alignment pins, and everything's glued and clamped together, just like I learned to do in class. And I even remembered to use waxed paper so I didn't glue the clamps or the cauls to the neck blank.

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