Tuesday, January 18, 2005


In Fine Form

Tonight I glued up my form which will be used for assembling the main body of the guitar. A lot of people use solid forms made from plywood, but this is the kind I used in Harry Fleishman's class. It works well and it seems like such an easy way to do it. Also, it's adjustable so that when I build my next guitar that's a different shape, I just knock these blocks off and reglue them in the right position.

I still haven't made the blocks that will support the waist, they have to be curved since they'll be supporting an inside curve. I'll have to get the oscillating spindle sander set up to make those blocks. I also need to make blocks for the inside of the form. There will be three spreaders that push the sides against the form from the inside. These will be located at the widest parts of the upper and lower bout, and at the waist. These will ensure that everything is stiff and square when I'm assembling the body.

That's what I did in the few spare minutes I had tonight. After I get the sides scraped smooth, I can bend them, trim the extra off each end, and glue in the head and tail blocks.

The Cardigan Cowboy thinks you're doing swell job. And he won't tell Phil Keaggy about the wind-checked thingy...

He's gonna feel like such a sucker after he finds my blog.
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