Sunday, January 16, 2005


Scraping By

I've been pretty busy lately, but still catch some time to work on this parlor guitar. Right now I'm perfecting my skills with a cabinet scraper. It's ending up being a lot of work scraping all the swirls from the Saf-t-planer. I finally started putting bandaids on my fingers before I start a scraping session to avoid blisters.

Anyway, I have the back almost scraped smooth, and then I get to scrape the sides smooth before I bend them.

So what I'm lusting over now is the Performax 10-20 drum sander, then I wouldn't have to mess with the Saf-t-planer. The 10-20 is a benchtop model, and the drum is 10" wide. But it's open on one end, so I could do up to 20" wide with two passes. So it's time to go through my house and see what I can auction off on eBay to raise some funds. These go for about $500.

P.S. About that crack in my last post. I asked about it on, and the general consensus seemed to be that it was a windcheck, which is where the tree may have been damaged or stressed while it was growing. It should be stable, and it's more cosmetic than anything. I'll locate a brace under it just to make sure.

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