Tuesday, January 04, 2005



Tonight I started scraping the swirl marks out of the back, and I noticed a line going across the grain, I thought it was a scratch or gouge of some sort, but I couldn't scrape it away. I noticed it's on both sides. Here's pics of each side.

I posted to mimf.com seeing if one of the helpful people over there can offer me some expertise... I'm hoping it's not actually a break or crack, but my hopes may get dashed.

Jahn Ken Doll. I'm loving this blog... I hope your wood isn't cracked - b.c. how will I ever get Phil Keaggy to buy this parlor guitar???
Love, M
Does M stand for "The Cardigan Cowboy" or is this some other M?

I posted pics on another forum and the general consensus is that it's a wind check on the tree, like maybe the tree got stressed there or something. So I'm gonna go ahead and build with it, and locate a back brace under that part just to be on the safe side. And if anyone complains about it I'll say "It's made from a tree, not molded from plastic." and I'll be real indignant and they'll feel bad for saying anything in the first place.
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