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The Latest Dish

I'm having to go through a lot of extra steps on this first guitar that I'm making on my own, simply because with every step it seems I need to make or buy some sort of tool or jig. I spent the afternoon making the latest set of jigs which will give me a 24" diameter piece of mdf with a 15 foot radius dish cut out of it, and a 24" long and 19" wide piece of mdf with a cylindrical 25 foot radius cut out of it. It'll be more clear after I actually get done making them.

The fun thing about building guitars is that not only do you get to make neat jigs, you get to make jigs that are used to make other jigs. And occasionally you'll make a jig to make a jig to make a jig. You can see in the picture that I've made a rails for my router to ride on. The one shown has a 15 foot radius along the top of the rails. You can't really see it from the picture, but there is a plywood block fastened to the bottom of the router so it stays centered between the rails. I'll use this to cut the cylindrical and spherical shapes into the mdf. It got dark this evening before I could start routing those out. It has to be done outside because it creates an awful lot of nasty mdf dust.

Why am I making these things? The back of the guitar will have a 15 foot spherical radius, and the top will have a 25 foot cylindrical radius. I'll line these dishes with sandpaper and use them to profile the sides after they are bent, and also to sand the bottoms of the braces. I'll also use them when I'm gluing the braces onto the top and back, to hold everything in the right position. If this sounds confusing, it's only because I'm not explaining it very well.

p.s. I almost forgot to mention, I ordered the Performax 10-20 drum sander this afternoon (the one I pictured a couple posts ago), and a Delta dust collector to use with it... Thank goodness for eBay and all the expensive stuff I had that I don't use anymore.

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