Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The Other Side

Today, on my lunch break, I bent and trimmed the other side for the cocobolo parlor guitar. I've clamped both sides in the mold so they don't relax out of shape before I get the neck and tail blocks glued in. I've got to finish setting up my friend's old 1943 Delta band saw before I can make the blocks. I don't trust my little Ryobi band saw to cut through three inch thick mahogany.

And here it is stored under the drum sander. When I build a workbench I'm going to incorporate the same type of storage.

Dang fool. You're gonna make a real guitar! This I like........

The Card Cow
It's really cool to see those sides taking shape!

It would be fun to see pics of the steaming process too, but I'd imagine you were a trifle too busy for picture taking during that.

Hope you can soon be done paying 'ol Sam, and have a bit more time open for building.
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