Monday, March 28, 2005


Taking Sides

Hey, look, I finally made a guitar shaped thing! I bent a side tonight in my fox bender with heating blanket. I probably should have taken more pictures of all the steps in getting everything set for this, maybe I'll do it when I bend the other side.

The sides look noticably darker than before I bent them. I believe this is because cocobolo is a very oily wood, so the heat and moisture probably drove a bunch of oil to the surface. It should lighten up with sanding.

The side was a little too long on each end, which is on purpose. I used the centerline on the form to mark where the ends of the sides should be and then trimmed each end with a japanese dozuki saw.

On the tail end I cut the side slightly too short. It really won't matter if the ends don't meet, I'm going to put in an ebony wedge at the tail anyway, so I'll be chiseling out the ends anyway.

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