Monday, May 30, 2005


Neck Block Jig

Today, I got the dust collector connected up to the disc sander, and I went about finishing up my neck/tailblock jig. This is what I meant when I said that the metal lip was so that I could do pattern sanding. There is a base for the neck end and one for the tail end. Of course, these will only work for an 0-size guitar, and if I do a different guitar size, I'll have to make a new base for the jig. Normally I wouldn't go through the trouble of making a jig for this, but I plan on making several 0-size guitars, so this jig will make it a quick operation. I did both of the blocks that I had cut out on the bandsaw the other day.

I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory:

Yes--it's making more sense now. Cool stuff! What happens next?
Next up I get to show pics of my screwup trying to glue the neckblock on.
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