Saturday, May 21, 2005



Lately I've been getting tired of going upstairs to the shop to do some guitar-related thing, and not having any horizontal space to work. I end up shuffling junk back and forth between the top of my tablesaw and my temporary workbench. So I bought some shelving material last night at Home Depot and put it up. That room is a long way from getting organized, but it's getting a whole lot better.

The filebox on the top shelf now contains all the product instruction manuals and warranty info and stuff for all my power tools. These had been scattered all over the place and I didn't want to lose that stuff. On the second shelf you can see an expanding file thing, this is my sandpaper box. I've got it all filed by grit so it's easy to find, and easy to put away. It is not my nature to be that organized, but if I don't do stuff like this, I'll never have room to work and I'll constantly be looking for things.

Here's my new bandsaw from Grizzly that I haven't had time to set up. This seems to be one of the best small bandsaws you can buy. It weighs at least three times as much as my little Ryobi saw, even though it's the same size. I need to build a rolling cabinet stand for it. I picked up plywood for this last night, though it may be a while before I get more time to build it.

And here's the new disc sander from Grizzly. I've made a newer bigger table for it out of mdf, which is right to the left of the sander. It'll have a metal lip so I can do pattern sanding with it. That probably doesn't make sense, though it will before long. I'm also going to make a rolling stand that will be for this sander and my Ridgid oscillating spindle sander.

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