Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Buildoff: Thicknessed Top and Back

I got my drum sander all adjusted so I can sand wider pieces. The drum is only 10" wide so I have to make two passes to sand anything wider than that.

Here's the back, you can see what the wood looks like a little better since the saw marks are sanded off.

Here's the redwood top. Two years ago I ordered about half a dozen really nice redwood tops from a guy. He had put extra pieces on the top and bottom to protect the rest of the stack. One was chewed up pretty bad, the other was okay and was marked "sample" but was kind of narrow. So I decided since I'm using "second grade" and scrap type stuff for this guitar, these pieces would make a good top for this particular guitar. I'll take a better picture on a sunnier day when I can get some good natural light to get a good closeup shot of the grain. It's really pretty stuff.

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