Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Pain in the Back

I've been trying to fix up my Toyota Camry so I can take that to the French polishing class in Chicago. It's been sitting on the side of my house for a year needing some work. I've been driving the really cool light blue '91 Dodge minivan my Grandpa gave me. I was unemployed and only needed one drivable car, so I drove the one I didn't have to spend any money on. Anyway, I'm trying to put new front axles and struts on my Camry now, and I hurt my back trying to pull one of the old axles out (and I still don't actually have the axle pulled out, ugh).

So anyway, my lower back is actually glowing red. Luckily, it only hurts when I try to move. When I take a lot of ibuprofin it turns into a soothing blue color which is nice.

So needless to say, this is why I haven't posted much these last few days, haven't felt like hunching over a workbench. And when my back does feel better, I'll be fooling with my stupid car. So I may not post again till I get back from the class. Try to be strong.

I think you should start a "Car Fixing" Blog to complete the Paste Trilogy.

Sorry about your back. I had a similar situation with Athlete's Foot a while back. My toes would just randomly burst into flames.
Actually my back feels fine now, though Monday and Tuesday I feared I would never walk again.

I decided to give up and take my car to a mechanic to finish, but that's impossible to get done before the impending road trip. So I'll be taking the light blue '91 Dodge minivan with non-tinted windows... or as I like to call it, My Sweet Ride.

I think the third blog needs to be a blog about how to drive really dorky cars and still be supercool.
Step 1 - Fuzzy dice.
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