Saturday, October 22, 2005



Funny how all my plans for custom plywood tool stands with all kinds of nifty storage get thrown out the window when Harbor Freight puts their workstations on sale for $13 each.

I also went to Harbor Freight today and bought router bits. Great minds think alike.

p.s. I had to go set up a blog, just so I could write you on this blog. Me hopes you appreciate the great effort.

Love from Nashville...
Yeah, we just got a Harbor Freight here about a year ago. Lotsa their stuff is junk, but I like them for cheap clamps and tool stands.

What are you routering? You should write about it in your new blog.
Hmmm, maybe I should write stuff in my new blog.. but to be honest, I just rather comment on yours. I'm getting ready to redo my back patio and breezeway (removing all the lattice crap and doing a new thing - and a new thing that requires much routing and tablesawing - both of which I bought yesterday... new tool toys for me, yay!) Maybe I shall blog my before and after pictures, once I finish...

Comment here all you like. What kind of table saw did you get? I love my Ryobi bt3100. It's got a sweet sliding miter table on it.
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