Saturday, November 12, 2005


Back That Thing Up

Here's the last piece of lining to be glued into this one. I just barely had enough. If one section of this little piece had been missing, it wouldn't have been long enough. I had bought basswood linings like this, and another set of mahogany linings for the buildoff guitar. But I accidentally started lining the buildoff guitar with basswood also, which I didn't realize until after I had already glued a few pieces in... I was going to order more from Stew Mac, but I had to cancel my credit card two weeks ago because of fraudulent activity on my account, and the new one hasn't arrived yet. Apparently, "three or four business days" is longer than two weeks. Anywho...

The linings aren't perfect, I didn't always get them well aligned since I was gluing in several pieces on each side. But it's much better than it was before and I'm real happy I went through the trouble of redoing it.

So after I get these linings profiled with the sanding dish, the next step will be getting the back bracing glued to the back, and then gluing the back to the sides.

I use the radius dish to sand the curved profile into the spruce bracing, which will hold the back into a more-or-less spherical shape once it's glued up to the sides (which you may remember, will be sanded with this same dish).

Here's how these will be laid out on the back.

These pieces are going to be the center strip on the back running between the braces. These are trimmed from the ends of the spruce plates I used to make the top. You can see my little sanding block I made for profiling these. One side has 80 grit sandpaper glued to it and the other side has 120 grit.

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