Saturday, November 12, 2005


Go Bar Go!

With the linings all glued in, I sanded the cylindrical profile into the top and the spherical profile into the back. Here's the spherical back linings.

On to bracing the back. This is my new gobar deck that I made this afternoon. The deck is just four pieces of 3/8" all-thread and two pieces of 24"x24"x3/4" plywood. For the gobars, I bought 48" fiberglass rods from Into The Wind, a kite making supply company, cut them in half and put rubber tips on the end. The general idea is that you flex the gobars and wedge them between whatever you're gluing and the top of the gobar deck.

I set up a dry run using six gobars to clamp this back brace to the back. I set the timer on my camera, and with three seconds left to go the brace tipped over and sent go bars flying everywhere. Eye protection's really important with this sort of stuff. Luckily, I was standing back behind the camera.

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