Saturday, November 05, 2005


Unlining Again

I think it's funny that all the stuff I thought was going to be hard wasn't that difficult, and the stuff I thought would be a snap (like clamping and gluing things) turns into a major source of frustration.

If you go a couple posts back, you'll see where I figured out a decent method for removing the linings since I wanted to redo them. Honestly, the guitar probably would have held together fine, but it would have bugged me every time I looked in the soundhole. Also, the way I figure it, if I have to redo it four times on this first guitar, that's better than not really figuring it out until the fourth guitar.

So I had removed those linings, and glued another set of linings in... Only to have the same problem with gaps. And also my linings got all dented up because I clamped things harder this time, used extra windings on the rubber bands on the clothes pins, used a spring clamp at the waist, etc... So last night I grabbed the heat gun and removed all the linings I had installed.

So tonight I decided to switch to the more traditional non-reversed linings which should be a bit more forgiving. I glued in one side and thought everything was going swimmingly. After I took the clothes pins off, more gaps. Uggh.

On the positive side, while I'm very slowly learning how to build guitars, I'm quickly becoming quite the expert in unbuilding them.

So I got out the heat gun again and started over. This time, I cut the lining into about 4" sections. I think this will be much easier as I don't have to bend one long lining into the profile shape. And at least now there's less to undo when I screw it up.

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