Saturday, December 17, 2005


Buildoff: Lining Transplant

When I pulled the back off of the side assembly, there were a few spots where it took decent size chunks of the lining out. The rest of the linings are pretty good, so instead of sanding down to the lowest common point, I'll just replace a section of lining and sand that back down even with the rest.

This little razor saw is used to mark the ends of the section I'll be removing.

Then I carefully chisel away the bulk of the lining...

...till there's just a thin sliver of the lining material left.

Then I finish up with a bit of sanding with 120. I'm using a white Staeder eraser as a sanding block, being careful not to round over the edge of the side.

Now it's all clean.

And I cut a new piece of lining to fit in the empty spot, glued it and clamped it.

You can see a spot where a little chunk of the mahogany neck block broke off when I removed the back. Note to self: Always keep the little splintered pieces if something breaks. So I superglued the little splintered chunk back in and sanded it back even.

I admire your thoroughness and tenacity with your guitar building. It’s kinda a kick in the shorts to see how these things are built. Hopefully I’ll get to hear you play them someday.

Thankfully, metalwork is much more forgiving...
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