Sunday, February 19, 2006


Buildoff: Top Braced

Here's the finished top. I was going to try to close up the box yesterday, but I'm having trouble getting the humidity up in my shop. It's been some of the coldest days we've had this winter, and the heater is running often. My humidifier's trying to keep up, but I'm barely keeping it above 30% humidity, and I want it to be up at 45% when I close up the box.

Here's the rest of the box, I think I forgot to post pics of this before.

Very fine looking, John. When I was thirteen, I carved a guitar (in the image of Niki Sixx's bass) out of plywood and splattered reddish and white paint over a black finish. That's as close as I got to the real thing.
Thanks, Donutto. Everything I've ever done has been influenced, however subtly, by Nikki Sixx.
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