Saturday, April 08, 2006


Messy Shop

So my day job has turned into a day, night, weekend and holiday job, so I haven't been up in the shop at all lately. There was a thread over at the OLF forum where people were posting pics of their messy shops, so I snapped a couple pics so I could participate before I head off to work on this beautiful Saturday.

i have a table saw just like that. mine doesn't have the blade guard on it either which makes my buddy VERY nervous. get a switchplate cover though man. that electricity stuff is dangerous!
My favorite part is the fire extinguisher that's still in the box. Don't act like you've never had to use it!

I have a fire extinguisher box at home, but it's just full of Gummi Worms. I guess yours could be full of Gummi Worms, too. Or at least some other Gummi-related snack.

What are you going to do when this guitar is finally finished? Play it or hang it in a display case?
I love that table saw (Ryobi Bt3100), I've raved about it on guitar making forums.

Since part of my job used to be safety engineering related, I really should use the blade guard. It's not always practical, though, and I'm a big fan of using pushsticks and whatnot, so my hands are never close to the blade.

There's no time for screwing on switchplates when there are guitars to be built. I mean, I'd have to get out a screwdriver and everything. Besides, I'm just gonna eventually die someday anyway, so it wouldn't really save anything.
Gummi fire extinguisher... Mmmmm.

The extinguisher box is a Homefill, there's not really an extinguisher in it.
Ah yes, Homefill. I need to work that into more conversations, especially with people who have no idea what it means.
Dude, at least you have a shop.
Lookin Legit, Toolboy!!! Happy birthday!
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