Friday, December 29, 2006


Getting Jiggy With It

I apologize for the title. I've been making jigs tonight.

This first one is the fret slotting jig for my table saw. It has a UHMW track on the bottom of it that rides in the miter slot on the table saw to keep everything aligned properly with the blade. I've got Fret Scale Rules on the way from Stewart-McDonald so I'll know where to locate the slots. I tested on a piece of plywood. I'll post a more detailed description of it when I do an actual fretboard.

This other one is for routing out the tail of the guitar for the end graft, or tail wedge. The guitar shown in the pic already has the end graft installed, but I'll be removing it and redoing it because I wasn't very satisfied with the job I did on it. I'll use a router or laminate trimmer with a pattern guide to rout out the channel for the wedge. I haven't actually put this one to use yet, I'll post a more detailed description of the process later on. Right now I'm just using odds-and-ends wingnuts and so forth as the hardware store was out of the knobs I wanted to use.

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