Sunday, January 14, 2007


Buildoff - Rosewood Fretboard

I've been working all weekend at my day job, but I've taken a few short breaks to get some shop time.

In my last post, I had slotted the fretboard with my fret slotting jig on the table saw. The next step was to taper the fretboard with this table saw jig.

I didn't take a lot of pics for the next step, binding the fretboard with flamed maple. It was a challenge for me to get a nice tight mitered corner where the maple wraps around the end of the fretboard. I used a very sharp chisel to cut the miter. It took a lot of practice to get the angle right and to get a good straight vertical cut. You can see I went through five little pieces of maple, I kept cutting them a little too short which would make a gap at one of the corners.

Here it is sanded to a 16" radius with a Stewmac aluminum sanding block. I'll include another view from the end so you can see the radius.

It's not a great pic, but here's a closeup of the end of the fingerboard so you can see the mitered corners. I feel pretty good about it since that's the first one I've done.

looking good, ken doll!
You know what would be really funny? If you finished the guitar, and it looked all nice and shiny, right? But when you went to strum it for the first time, the whole thing crumpled and splintered in your hands. That would be really funny.

Wait. Actually, that would be the saddest thing ever. Disregard the previous paragraph, and continued success on your build-off.
That's my biggest fear, dangit... I'm gonna hit the first strum and the bridge will fly off and put someone's eye out or something. I bet it will be funny in hindsight, though. Everything's funny in hindsight. I fractured my skull when I was a year or two old by falling out of a shopping cart... Not so funny then, hilarious now.
I hate that gmail and blogger are all mixed up now.
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