Tuesday, July 10, 2007


More on the 12-fret 00

More work on the 2nd Buildoff guitar...

These pics are a couple days old, I haven't uploaded the latest photos yet. I bought a dehumidifier yesterday because it won't stop raining here so I can't keep the humidity down in my shop. If I brace the top and back and close up the box in high humidity, things will shrink and crack when the air does dry up.

The cedar top I prepared had water stains on one half that would not sand out on either side, so I joined a spruce top.

Preparing the neck blank.

Here's my jig for cutting the scarf joint at 15 degrees.

I clamp together the neck shaft and headstock pieces, and drill two holes. Then I use two toothpicks as alignment pins so they don't shift around when I'm gluing this important joint.

Preparing the macassar ebony fretboard.

Profiling the rim assembly.

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