Saturday, July 14, 2007


Still More on the 00 12-fret

Dial-uppers are going to hate me. I apologize for the lack of text.

And I'll end the night with a mistake... I drilled this hole in the top slightly off center. So I filled it with glue and sawdust, and I'll try again.

These guitars are going to be incredible. You do realize that we've been waiting, like, 2 years to see the finished product?

Keep on rocking, or in this case, soft-rocking.
Hi Letseatpaste.
Thanks for the tutorial on how to make a radius dish. After the dust settled I had two great dishes.Check out
This is my first guitar. All the tools and jigs that have to be made take up a lot of time. The second guitar project should be a breeze.
Thanks again. Larry
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