Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Vacation Day 2

Here are some highlights from yesterday.

The fingerboard is only attached with double stick tape at this point, to give me a guide to cut out the rough shape of the neck.

I roughed out the shape a bit, now it's starting to look like a guitar neck.

Now I have to make ramps into the slot so the strings have clearance to get to the tuners.

Working on getting the neck fit properly to the body, which involves a lot of attaching and detaching the neck as I make adjustments.

I sand to make a flat surface so the fingerboard can lay flat and true.

And at 1:30am last night I glued on the fingerboard to the neck with epoxy and called it a night.

Did I witness this properly -- that you cut the neck out on band saw with the fingerboard attached to it?
You witnessed it correctly... The fingerboard's already at the correct taper, so I use it as a guide. The edge of the fingerboard rides along a piece of masonite clamped to the table of the saw as you can see in the picture, the blade never touches the fingerboard. The fingerboard's not permanently attached at that point, I used double stick tape to attach it to the neck.
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