Saturday, February 20, 2010


Special K - part 2

Last night I glued in the K inlay with a mix of ebony dust and epoxy. Sanded it flat to 220-grit this afternoon, and got out the headstock slot routing jig from luthiertool to route the slots and drill the holes in the side for tuners.

I'm pretty happy with how the inlay turned out. There is definite room for improvement (smoother edges on the pearl, better routing technique so less filler is required, placement of K would look better a little to the left and angled back a bit), but I didn't just completely botch it and it will be usable so I feel like it's a success.

This is going to be the greatest guitar ever created. It's going to be like the golden fiddle that the Devil gave to Johnny.
I like these words I hear, "didn't completely botch it." Fudge yeah you didn't. Now we're shipping with gas.
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