Friday, March 19, 2010


Dot dot dot

Here's my little jig for drilling holes for the side dot fret markers on the fingerboard. This makes it so the dots will be lined up correctly.

These pearl dots are 3/32" in diameter, and are superglued into place. If I could go back and do it over I would use black plastic dots so it would contrast better against the light maple binding. I'm pretty sure it'll look better under a finish.

After the dots were dry, I epoxied the fingerboard to the neck. Then I'll be able to finish shaping the neck.

I've become the world's laziest blogger now that I've figured out that I can upload from Picasa to Blogger, but I haven't quite figured out the whole formatting thing to get the text and photos arranged in a pleasing way. Which is fine, since I use one of the Blogspot templates from 1989.
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I love that little side dot jig idea, very cool! I Still just do it by eye after all these years...Why didn't I think of that simple little jig? Nice! :)

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