Sunday, March 21, 2010


Snow Day - Part 2

These pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I'm basically just working the neck shaft down to size with a little finger plane, occasionally going over it with a sanding block to make sure I'm maintaining a straight line. As I get closer, I start blending in the heel and nut areas with a rasp.

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You should call this post "Here are some Too-Easy Jokes for people who can't resist Juvenile Comedy."
I try to take reasonable care in phrasing everything as innocently as possible, but it's hard sometimes.
Hi Jason,
Saw you post on the OLF and figured I'd try and see what you build. Searched Google to get here. I live in Los Angeles but My Mom and Dad grew up in Colcord Oklahoma. We have a house on hwy 116 & hwy 10 in Oklahoma just north of Lil Kansas. I'm going out there for my Family reunion in June so if you finish by then maybe I can come by and give this guitar a try :)

I hope to build my first guitar sometime this year.

My cousin says you all got a foot of snow! How's the Humidity for gluing up that box?

So when do I get to play this beauty?
I read through all of these blogs in 3 sittings. Thank you so much for all of the detailed photos and commentary regarding the process. I'm interested in building a guitar of my own someday and this blog was a huge boost for me. Well done. I only wish you would continue with more of it!

Great post "Snow Day - Part 2....". Though little lately I am commenting here but total adventure is awesome indeed! Thanks - Learn to play guitar, NJ Guitar Academy
Great photos. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. What kind of wood are you using? I've been considering building a guitar too.

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